Puerto Vallarta fishing charters

Puerto Vallarta fishing charters with the Puerto Vallarta Fishing Hook Up

The PV Fishing Hook Up was founded in 1996.

 Puerto Vallarta has changed alot since then but the Puerto Vallarta fishing has stayed the same the only difference is now we have faster boats.

 Me and my My amigo's built this charter so that everyone that comes to Puerto Vallarta for vacation will have a local bilingual Mexican /American fishing hook up, and have the same great experience we had when we first arrived in this tropical paradise.

 We know all the best captains in Puerto Vallarta and We only use the finest gear money can buy.

 We offer the largest fleet of fishing vessels in PV so that you will have the exact fishing charter that you had in mind.

 Our reputation shows that we are the premier and best priced fishing charter in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

 Puerto Vallarta is now finally recognized as one of the premier game fishing destinations world wide. Something we have known for years!

 Contact The Puerto Vallarta fishing Hook Up direct at www.puertovallartasportfishing.com

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Puerto Vallarta fishing charters

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