66th Annual Marlin and Tuna Tournament November 2022

66th International Marlin and Tuna Tournament was held in the  Marna Vallarta Last Weekend. The grand prize winner of $500,000 Pesos was a 567 lb Marlin caught aboard the Sea Hunter. 

All Winners
 Team Sea Hunter Marlin 567 lbs 
 Team Matador Tuna 180 lbs 
 Team Valhalla Mahi Mahi 34 lbs 
 Team EXU 2nd place Marlin 431 lbs 
see full Tournament Puerto Vallarta fishing report here  www.puertovallartafishingreports.com

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Puerto Vallarta Sky Diving Tours

Come Sky diving in Puerto Vallarta. See the Beaches and Mountains from 10,000 ft high.  Enjoy the most thrilling Tour in Puerto Vallarta with licensed professionals. 

What to expect your first time sky diving in Puerto Vallarta  

Come Sky diving in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Fly Skydive has a perfect safety record, because we invest in the best TANDEM equipment worldwide, and thanks to the punctual maintenance of our equipment and aircrafts. All of our instructors are certified by the USPA (United States Parachute Association) and have a minimum of 2000+ skydives – our most experienced Tandem Master has 7000+ skydives! To achieve high safety standards we spare no expense in aircraft maintenance, equipment, training of instructors and support personnel.

Experience the thrill of skydiving in beautiful Puerto Vallarta! Jump with an instructor on a tandem parachute and experience the wonder of this incredible sport! Make 2022 one to remember, don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime adventure. 
Beautiful 25 minute airplane tour of Puerto Vallarta 

 Jump from 10,000 feet 

 Experience an amazing free fall for 40-60 seconds 

 Fly a parachute for 5-7 minutes! 

 Land softly on the beautiful beach

Skydiving is the closest we humans have gotten to flying – and it feels amazing! If you’ve jumped before then you know exactly what we’re talking about, and if you’re taking the leap for the first time, prepare to have your mind blown. Our team of professional tandem instructors are highly-trained and experienced, and have thousands of jumps! The Puerto Vallarta views will take your breath away. And the year-round sunny skies mean we fly for 12 straight months

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The Best Puerto Vallarta Bike Tours

The Best Puerto Vallarta Bike Tours

Puerto Vallarta Bike Tours is the best way to see more and get some exercise.  

Enjoy all the hot spots to see in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Choose from hard core mountain bike tours or just relax and cruise through the city tours. 

The best way to get to know Puerto Vallarta Mexico riding on retro bicycles. Come See all the best photography spots in Downtown Puerto Vallarta with Baika Rool PV. Read more  

Hello! We are Clarence and Carmen Poon and welcome to our midlife crisis project! Some people respond to the changes in midlife by buying an expensive sports car. We decided to do something a bit more unconventional. We moved to Mexico and started a bicycle tour and rental company.  Read more 


Get on a bicycle and ride along the famous Malecon with your professional guide pointing out the various historical sites and beautiful architecture of the area. Along the ride, you will see sculptures, the Cathedral, the pier and the historical lighthouse where the view will take your breath away. Stop on Cuale´s art crafts market and get help to get the best rate on souvenirs, tequila and presents. Eat lunch where the local people prefers, tasting the real traditional Mexican cuisine (not included). On our way back we stop for Ice cream made with an ancient Mexican recipe (included). Read more 

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Puerto Vallarta Food Tours

The Best Puerto Vallarta Food Tours

The best way to try all the best local cuisine in Puerto Vallarta is on one of the local Puerto Vallarta Food tours. Choose from street seafood, deserts, tacos, comida, and more. Visit local street food carts and restaurants off the beaten path that you would never find on your own those hidden gems only locals know about. 

The only Mexican owned food tour operator registered in the Tourism Bureau. Women owned  Socially Responsible. We give back through donations, volunteering, and free photo shoots for nonprofits and charities. Green Business. The only food tour that will give you a FREE professional vacation photo shoot. Read More

I founded Puerto Vallarta Eats Food Tours to share my experience of the food, culture and rich history of this wonderful slice of paradise and its many unheralded treasures. Transplanted from Philadelphia, I originally came to Puerto Vallarta seeking sun and new adventures, but quickly fell in love with the city’s food and people, and for more than a decade have been proud to call Colonia Emiliano Zapata my home. Read More

Vallarta Food Tour’s mission is to help visitors and residents alike enjoy the best that Vallarta has to offer by highlighting off-the-beaten-path, “non-touristy” food and drinks along with a local insight of its treasures. Our love of Puerto Vallarta and Mexican culture inspired us to create the city’s finest culinary tour. We sampled the perfect mole, eat reginonal dishes, sipped on succulent tuba water, enjoy fresh ceviche from arguably the best ceviche vendor in the country and much more. Read More

I am on a budget and cannot afford a food tour where is the best authentic Mexico Taco Stands I can find for myself while on Vacation?
As You can imagine in Mexico there are plenty of Taco Stands and restaurants to choose from my favorite in the Centro Area include Pancho's Tacos, VIP Tacos, and Pepe's Tacos

For Authentic Mexican Deserts visit Gourmet Churros

For Seafood Lovers check out the 4 top Street Seafood stands in Puerto Vallarta 

One of the most popular Puerto Vallarta Tacos is definitely the Pastor Taco. 

What is Pastor?
Pastor is a marinated pork cooked
 on a side ways rotisserie barbecue. 

Check out these 5 Pastor Taco Places in centro Puerto Vallarta Mexico 

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