Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching

Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching 
A photo suspends a single moment in time that will last forever. On our Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta Tour, you’ll see sights and capture photos you won’t ever forget.

This specialized excursion begins in December each year and runs until mid-February or early March. It is designed to capture the first magical moments when you encounter the beauty and grace of humpback whales in Banderas Bay.

Led by our expert tour guides who have extensive experience with Puerto Vallarta whale watching season, our tour takes you to a number of scenic sea level spots to get a glimpse of humpback whales in their natural habitat.

If you are looking for the best way to see whales in Puerto Vallarta, there is no better tour.Witness Majestic Humpback Whales in Banderas Bay Each winter, the humpbacks migrate from the arctic to breed and rear their young in the sheltered coasts of Banderas Bay.

 Relax onboard our inflatable boat to enjoy the panoramic view of the Pacific as we venture along the breeding grounds to watch for these mesmerizing creatures.

Take the most striking photography from this unique, sea-level vantage point - a perspective that is a rare privilege in the natural world. The Best Whale Watching Tour in Puerto Vallarta Want to see whales in Puerto Vallarta? We’ve got you covered. On our Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta tour, you’ll be taken to strategic locations to see humpback whales swimming and breaching in their natural winter and springtime breeding waters.

Our friendly and highly-knowledgeable local tour guides have spent years observing these amazing sea mammals in the wild. With their expertise, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a wealth of knowledge about whales and take breathtaking photos and videos to last a lifetime.

We recommend scheduling your visit during Puerto Vallarta whale watching season (December 20 – March 1). We offer a Whale Sighting Guarantee during this time!
Price $89 Adults $62 kids 
for more info please email us direct at info@puertovallartatour.net

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