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Puerto Vallarta's Bay of Banderas is well
known for  it's variety of habitats and
ecosystems, ranging from mountains,
rivers and creeks, marshy lagoons,
tropical forests, mangroves and shoreline
s. Birds of Tropical Paradise if you are
vacationing in Puerto Vallarta and you
love birds, count yourself lucky!n this
paradise there are nearly 350 bird
species in varied ecosystems and
habitats. Green Jay, Tropical Kingbird, San Blas Jay, Yellow-winged Cacique, Social
Flycatcher, Golden-cheeked Woodpecker and Russet-crowned Motmot are all common
sightings in the area.   
Your Profesional Puerto Vallarta Bird guides are avid birders and occasionally  don’t even
need to see the birds to identify the species, they can identify them only by their songs.
The first stop is right across from Los Arcos and our adventure begins: Pelicans, frigate
birds, cormorants, snowy egrets, sea gulls and vultures will be some of our first sightings.
Further in the mountains, amid the tropical deciduous forest we’ll enjoy a light breakfast
among sightings of Hummingbirds, Parakeets, Kiskadees, Flycatchers, Motmot and
Cacophonous Woodpeckers. We’ll continue to Mismaloya to encounter Robins, Happy
Wrens, sparrows and Inca Doves, among othersbAs a special treat to end our Tropical Bird
Watching Tour we’ll enjoy a cold drink accompanied by guacamole and salsa under the
shade of giant white fig trees, and let the wildlife come within five feet of you, as iguanas
might join blue San Blas Jays, Green jays, Long-Tailed Hermit Hummingbirds and Yellow-
winged Caciques

Bird Watching Itinerary

• 6:10 am -Nuevo Vallarta Pick up.  Meet outside Guadalajara Pharmacy

• 6:30 am - Marina Vallarta Pick up.  Meet at Ecotours Marina office in Marina Vallarta
(Proa loc. 20)

• 7:00 am - Downtown Pick up.  Meet outside Freddy´s Tucan Restaurant (Ignacio L.
Vallarta & Basilio Badillo corner)

We will take scenic highway # 200 South of Puerto Vallarta towards Los Arcos, Mismaloya
and El Nogalito.

• 1:30 pm - Return to Puerto Vallarta

There is a diversity 355 different bird species in this area. That's almost HALF of all bird
species found in the U.S. and Canada combined! so it is more then likely that you can find
the species you are looking for depending on season. if you need any more info about
Puerto Vallarta bird watching conatact us