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2 for 1
canopy tour deals
Kids under 12
Reservation date
Amount of adults
Reservation date
$57 Adults
$40 kids
buy 1 ticket and get 2
start time 9 AM, 11 AM, 12pm,
and 1 pm
tour length 4 hours
Reserve online
or call toll free 888-576-0329
Puerto Vallarta's el eden is a very popular  Jungle  here in PV. This action filled tour is
located in the same jungle where the movie predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger was filmed
this  adventurous jungle canopy tour is high above the jungle.  As you "Zip"through the
tree-tops of the jungle canopy, high above the trails and waterfalls, you'll see the helicopter
that was blown up in the in Predator.Flying through the air with the greatest of ease is a great
adventure for all ages, el eden canopy tour  expert guides are always on hand to help you
along the ten different zip lines that cover more than two miles of the MismaloyaRiver and
jungle areas. After completing your journey through the tree-tops, you can visit the Tequila
factory to discover how Tequila and Raicilla (a local drink) are made, sample the many
different varieties available and, if the spirit moves you,purchase a bottle of your preferred
drink to take home Suitable for individuals and groups travelers who are seeking a thrilling
adventure in the jungle of Mismaloya, Canopy El Eden is completely safe and lots of fun!
Before or after the tour, you can enjoy lunch at El Eden Restaurant, take a refreshing swim in
the river, slide down a large boulder into the cool clear water, or swing out over the waterfall.
for more info email us direct
$57 adults
$40 kids
2 for 1 canopy tour deals