The Canopy River
tour consist's of 12 Zip lines that run through the forst of the sierra Madre The Canopy
River stretches over 2 Km the biggest Canopy in Puerto Vallarta and also one of the
highest enjoy the great views of the sierra madre 600 feet up in the air. For those of you
who really take pleasure in nature, Sierra Madre Canopy Tours are definitely. Canopy
Tours involve sliding from one high level forest platform to another along a steel cable
suspended up to 200 hundred meters above the Cuale River.

Your  canopy tour will began with a safety briefing. Your guides will demonstrate how to
slide on the cables and will inform you of any safety procedures that need to be adhered
to on the tour. Thereafter you will be equipped with a full body harness, pulley, climbing
equipment and safety helmet. From the start, an entire new world unveils itself as one as
you slide gently through the forest. Once arriving at each platform we stop for a while and
breathe in the fresh air while admiring the spectacular scenery of the forest around you
and the River underneath you (in some of them we’ll provide you with a drinkable, purified
water to refresh you).
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Canopy River
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tour length
4 hours
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